Peer Reviewed Journal Articles and Book Chapter


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Book Chapter

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Others (Publications published in journals, books or proceedings not included in the ISI Web of Science)

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Recent Conference Abstracts

(* denotes advises/co-advised students)

*Steinmann, J., Brunner, B., Grammer, G.M., Riedinger, N. (2017) Assessing sulfur isotopes as a potential correlation tool in carbonate mudrocks of the Mississippian Limestone. Houston Geological Society Applied Geoscience Conference, Houston, Texas. Poster.

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*Cofrancesco, J., Riedinger, N. and Owens, J.D. (2016) Constraining trace metal paleo-proxies for black shale deposition in upwelling systems: the Benguela upwelling system offshore Namibia. EOS Trans. AGU, Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract. Poster.

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