Research Facilities

The lab is located  on the third floor of the Henry Bellmon Research Center (HBRC) at the Oklahoma State University.

The lab is equipped for trace metal analysis, sulfur extraction, and determination of iron phases.



Instruments & Equipment

Major equipment

Inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) Thermo Scientific iCAP Qc (high sensitivity cell mode performance) with Cetac autosampler

Sample Preparation and Miscellaneous Equipment

  • Water purification system (MilliQ)
  • Acid purification system (Savillex Corporation)
  • Analytical Balance (Mettler Toledo) five digit (XSE205DU), and three digit (MS1003)
  • Horizontal Air Flow Oven
  • Overhead Shake (Heidolph, Reax 2)
  • Ultrasonic cleaner (Branson)
  • Muffle Furnace (Barnstead)
  • Centrifuge (Eppendorff, 5810)
  • Photometer (Hach)